There have been lots of community events happening at Mercato Metropolitano recently. On Thursday, May 11th, we welcomed MIA Dance group, headed by Suzy Mills-local dance and exercise tutor, leader and choreographer for the group. They sang modern and vintage songs and the ladies, between the ages of 64 and 84, performed upbeat and show-type dances to current music and old faithful’s, taking everyone on a journey from Broadway, to New York, Copacabana and beyond, while proving that keeping active by dancing is the way to good health and happiness!

On Saturday 20th May, the MM Cookery School was a hive of activity! The children, who are regular attendees of the community classes, decided that they wanted to bake cakes and then sell them during the day at MM to raise funds for the next programme of events in the cookery school. The children arrived at 10 am and spent a busy two hours baking and icing cakes and buns. They then set themselves up with a stand in the market (and decorated it with bunting) and started selling the cakes. Well done to the children who raised over £80!

Sunday 21st May saw the start of the second programme of community children’s cookery classes at MM. This programme will run for 4 weeks and is based upon wok cooking skills. Run by the incredibly talented 15 y ear chef Cameron Brown, the children will be preparing Pad Thai, Kung Pao Chicken, Hong Kong style fried noodles and stir fried Sichuan chicken with garlic egg fried rice. Week 1 started with a bang, with two groups of chicken chopping, stir-frying and then eating a delicious bowl of Pad Thai. Well done to Cameron for running an engaging, fun class.