Thanks for your interest in Mercato Metropolitano! We'd love to help you organise an amazing event.

To make it happen, we'll need a bit more information about the event you're looking to host, to better understand your requirements.

Due to the nature of Mercato Metropolitano and the variety of options on offer, we only accept bookings of more than 20 people, with a minimum spend of £10 per person (either in pre-ordered food or tokens with a value of £10 each). This would need to be paid for in advance, for the booking to be secured. Tokens can only be used on the respective day and not during future visits at Mercato Metropolitano.

* Please keep in mind that one token is worth £10, which you can spend anywhere in Mercato Metropolitano. You won’t receive any change from the tokens, so try to make the best use out of the £10 from the vendors.



If you could please let us know the following:

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Date of event
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We'll get back to you in no more than 72 hours from receiving your enquiry.