Leggero is a dream that came true 3 years ago. The dreamers were Gabriele and Silvio, CEO and co-founders of what now is a hub for all foodies. A former banker and a dental technician, they joined forces and embrace a challenge never taken before: redefining the best Italian food… The only Italian restaurant 100% gluten-free was born.

Leggero it has been defined by The Guardian as a “mecca for gluten-free food”, has been listed among the best 8 premium eateries in the UK and its popularity soon spread among Italian food lovers all over London.

Handmade on a daily basis, our ravioli and pasta kept the secret of ancient recipes belonging to the best Italian tradition. Our gluten-free bread and focaccia are the result of mix of flours mastered by our chefs who, after months of experiments and tasting, made sure the result was perfect: baked products which nothing have to envy to the authentic recipes from the BelPaese.

Using fresh ingredients and not processed food, we promote a healthy life-style: Leggero in Italian means light, because there is no need to use bad ingredients to eat well.

Open Mon-Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm