There isn't just one correct recipe for fresh pasta. In Italy, different regions have different ways of making it. Some places only use eggs and flour and others use only water and flour. Some cooks add a little salt and olive oil, while some do not.

At Pasta Lab, we make our pasta the way they do in the Puglia region of Italy - with just free-range fresh eggs and flour - thus creating gourmet homemade pasta meals to pair with an exquisite choice of fresh sauces. Our key concept is Italian pasta, which is homemade from fresh ingredients only hours before it reaches our store.

Our service ethos is to provide authentic Italian excellence and goodness, with originality, but also with a flavour of tradition. Friendly customer service is also embraced to support a youthful and energetic lifestyle, which always brings some fun into the picture.

Moreover, we don’t like to throw away anything, therefore we encourage the concept of ‘no waste’ dishes by making a delicious frittata from leftover pasta! Our pasta is thought as well for children, but also for vegans and vegetarians, allergies and food intolerance!

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