When visiting Prairie Fire BBQ, discerning London foodies, flavour hounds and connoisseurs of all things carnivorous are treated to time tested, slow cooked, quickly prepared American delights wrapped in a bow of comfortable and welcoming Midwest Kansas City Style Hospitality.

Prairie Fire BBQ is headed by Founder Michael Gratz. As an American expat in London in 2013 Michael had missed the artisanal smoked meats that his hometown Kansas City had elevated to high art over the past 100 years. With BBQ in it's infancy in London, Michael created Prairie Fire BBQ and discovered that impeccable timing with uncompromising quality was the secret sauce of his success. Through pop-ups, catering and culinary residencies in some of London's most storied pubs and markets, word of Prairie Fire's flavour packed tenderness spread like a fire through the prairie. Gratz was at the helm of a smoke powered ship that has an exciting retail offering, catering expertise, and a wholesale bottled sauce and rub empire.

Perfected at the Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant Castle the Prairie Fire BBQ Menu has expanded beyond smoked meats and fixings to also include world class burgers, fries, deli sandwiches and American style desserts that leave sated customers coming back for more. PFQ have perfected quick service necessary for the busy London lunch crowd. Prairie Fire BBQ sauces and rubs can be found at some of the most discerning shops in London including Wyndham House, C. Lidgate, Parson's Nose, Hampstead Butchers, HG Walters, Provenance Village, Dugard Daughters, Kent & Sons and Whole Foods to name a handful.

Open Mon-Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm